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Motivate The Motivator

During a recent seminar, I asked participants what their motivation was for getting out of bed in the morning. I was expecting some profound statements such as: “I love my job,” “I’m looking forward to meeting a friend today for lunch,” or “I have an exciting project I’m looking forward to accomplishing.” The actual responses I received amazed me! One participant who was sitting towards the back of the room clearly stated that his sole motivation for getting out of bed is to go to the bathroom!

After this workshop, I started to think about self-motivation and who motivates the motivator. The motivator is someone who motivates and inspires others. Does this describe you?

On my radio program I had the opportunity to interview “The Motivator” himself, Les Brown. Les is a celebrity speaker and author of Live Your Dreams (a dynamic motivational book). He’s been my mentor and inspiration for years. I asked Les “Who motivates the motivator?” He stated that a daily plan of action is required to stay motivated. Les includes reading, meditation and prayer in his daily plan of action.

What can you do to generate daily self-motivation? There are many great tools for generating self-motivation. The following paragraphs suggest some ideas you can incorporate into your own motivational plan of action.

Find a reason to wake up in the morning besides the bathroom! Take inventory of all your blessings. In the book Real Moments, the author, Barbara DeAngelis, asks you to think about everything you have right now. Think about your personal possessions, relationships and memories. If you were to lose everything, how much would you pay to get it all back? Would you pay one thousand dollars, one million dollars, or is everything you have priceless? What a great way to determine your wealth!

Be grateful for all the things you have, and cherish them like they’ll be gone tomorrow. What relationships can you work on? What people mean the most to you? Have you expressed your love towards them lately? It may be time to take action!

Keep a journal, and fill it daily with all the things you’re thankful for. Additionally, write down what you’re looking forward to doing the following day. Include these items in your daily prayers. Affirm yourself that you’re going to have a great day. This is important stuff to keep in the front of your mind. It’s easy to get lost in the drudgery of our daily routines and let stress overcome us. Keep focused on what really matters to you, and you’ll generate a wealth of self-motivation to help you deal with trying circumstances.

In Man’s Search for Meaning, the author, Viktor E. Frankl shares the unspeakable horror he experienced in the Nazi death camps. Suicide was common. People committed suicide by running into barb wire fences because they didn’t want to face another minute of life in the camps. What could have possibly motivated Viktor to endure the pain and make it to freedom? He stated that those prisoners with a vision beyond the torture had a mission to survive. Additionally, being thankful for the everyday things (the small portion of bread or soup that they were to receive that day) kept them motivated to make it through another day. Remember that the present is a priceless gift!

What are you looking forward to doing today?

Read an inspirational passage from one of your favorite books daily. Since our society overwhelms us with negative information, it’s essential to fill your mind with positive and motivating thoughts to generate daily self-motivation. I recommend reading The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. You’ll learn valuable techniques for staying positive.

If you’re feeling depressed or hopeless, read The God Memorandum or The Twelfth Angel, written by Og Mandino. They are two of my favorite inspirational books that will change the way you look at life.

Listen to motivational tapes daily. This is an invaluable tool for generating motivation, confidence and clarity.

Set challenging goals for yourself. Challenge yourself to grow in one new way each month. Success Motivation Institute has a wonderful program for setting goals and living a balanced life. It’s designed to help you generate self-motivation and become successful on an ongoing and consistent basis. It consists of tapes, reading materials, a personal plan of action and your very own success coach. It’s a true treasure!

Fill your life with people with whom you can communicate your goals and trust for positive support. Give them a call, or visit them when you feel down. One positive word from a friend can help you make it through another day.

Music is a powerful tool that can lift your spirits immediately. There are three songs that lift my spirits immediately, including Beautiful Life by Ace of Base. Find the music that will lift your spirits and keep a copy with you at all times. Play it in your car, at home or at work (especially if you work long and crazy hours).

Most of all – whatever strategy you decide to use – keep your focus on what you want out of your life. As Stephen Covey says: “Begin with the end in mind.” Keep your focus on your major goals. Write them down and look at them several times each day. This will help you to stay motivated, grow stronger and not give up because of the challenges you face.

I challenge you today to take one idea from this article and implement it into your daily plan of action. And to answer the question: “Who motivates the motivator?” You do!

Change Your World

Do you realize that you currently posses the power to change your world? This may not be new news to some of you, but to others it may come as a total shock.

I didn’t realize that I possessed this power until several years ago when I picked up a classic book – The Power of Positive Thinking, written by Norman Vincent Peale. I was amazed when I read “Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” I thought to myself – can it be that simple?

At this point in my life, I faced many personal and professional challenges which mentally and physically drained me. Have you ever felt totally drained – mentally and physically? The thoughts that ran through my mind were less than positive. In fact, you can say that they were often mean. I beat myself up emotionally for all of the things that I didn’t accomplish as opposed to appreciating and rewarding myself for my successes.

Throughout the remainder of the book were testimonies of people who had changed their thoughts and changed their world. I was even more amazed and thought that it would be dynamic if I could incorporate their techniques into my life.

Have you ever been presented with a solution to your problems – but you don’t take action and make changes? That’s what I did (or rather didn’t do). I didn’t take action even though there was a little voice deep inside of me crying let’s do something different.

Before I took action, I wanted to know more about the power of our thoughts. I learned that most leading psychologists believe that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts each day. Even more dynamic… 95% of the thoughts that we have today, are the same thoughts that we had yesterday.

What will your life be like in ten years if you keep thinking the same thoughts? I distinctly knew what my life would be like! I saw a clear picture and knew that I needed to change it quickly.

I began studying how others changed their thoughts and then changed their world. In Man’s Search For Meaning, written by Viktor Frankl, it states how important one’s thoughts are in determining one’s survival and ability to find peace and happiness in spite of one’s trying circumstances. There are many other stories that back up the same findings. I learned how Les Brown, motivational speaker and author, changed his world in spite of the fact that he was born on the cold floor of an abandoned building and labeled educable mentally retarded. W. Mitchell educates and inspires audiences all around the world that it’s not what happens to us in life that determines our circumstances, but what we do with what happens to us. Years ago, he was unrecognizably burned and then a few years later, paralyzed.

All of this reading and studying convinced me that I possess the power to change my world just as you have the power to change yours. Just as Christopher Reeve changed his world. In spite of the trying circumstances he faced after his horseback riding accident that left him paralyzed – he established the Christopher Reeve Foundation and continued to educate and inspire others through his books and movies. making public speaking appearances. Additionally, he’s written a book. He’s done so much!! Several months ago, I watched one of his television specials. I was amazed when he said: “I will be walking by the time I am 50 years old.” He didn’t say I hope to be walking or if no one gets in my way I’ll be walking – he said: “I will be walking.” There’s a powerful difference in the two types of thoughts. Christopher has taken control of his life with the thoughts that he has and the words that he uses to convey those thoughts to others.

Now you know, you possess the amazing power to change your world through changing your thoughts. Let’s define how we can transform our negative thoughts into positive thoughts and what we need to do to remain positive. Transforming our negative thoughts into positive thoughts is one part of the equation. The next and most important part is to take action. Back your positive thoughts with positive action, and get positive results in your life – the results you deserve.

Þ Fill your mind with as much positive information as possible. The more your mind is flooded with positive information, the more your mind will reject negative information. Read autobiographies of people who have triumphed over tragedy. Read the comics or self-help books on change and mind control. Listen to motivational tapes. Listen to uplifting music.

Þ Anytime you have a negative thought write it down. Next to your negative thought, write a positive thought that you’ll use to replace your negative thought. For example, my negative thought is: “Dummy, you should have known better.” My positive replacement thought is: “You always do your best.”

Þ Keep a list of positive affirmations with you wherever you go. Positive affirmations are positive messages that you say to yourself to reinforce your goals, plans, and dreams. When you have a negative thought, override it by saying a positive affirmation out loud (or say it to yourself if you’re not alone). For example: “I deserve success!” or “I’m worth it!”

Þ Seek positive, constructive support. Seek out someone who will help you find positive, constructive solutions to your obstacles, someone who will lift your spirits and help you to move forward with you life.

Once you truly open your mind to the positive possibilities that your life contains and start practicing the above techniques you will get results immediately. The key is to take positive and immediate action. Negative thoughts will still flow into your mind, but realize that you have the choice to dwell on those negative thoughts and let them overcome you or transform them into positive thoughts, inspiring you to take positive action.

You have the power to make it a great day. You have the power to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. You have the power to build positive, productive relationships. The choice is yours – change your thoughts, take positive action and change your world!